Our Classes

Whatever your fitness goals are, our dedicated fitness instructors will help you achieve them. Our facility offers a variety of gym equipment and fitness classes.

  • MaxWolf

    MaxWolf is an extensive training class aimed to help your body work at maximum load from the start to the end of your workout to gain the best results faster.

  • SpinWolf

    The members of SpinWolf use the stationary bike which imitates the real world bicycle obstacle course to help you burn more than 500 calories per class.

  • PowerWolf

    PowerWolf is a high strength training class which uses barbells/cardio to get maximum results.

  • CampWolf

    Have fun while mixing your interval training, body weight exercises, and strength training!

  • Aquatic Programs

    We have 2 spacious swimming pools and offer a variety of aquatic classes and programs.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is perfect for everyone regardless of their fitness level. Start yoga classes and improve your balance, strength, and flexibility.

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Full Body Workout


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  • Unlimited

    $249/monthUnlimited classes

    Functional Movement Screening10% Discount for Family Member

  • 10 Classes

    $16010 group classes

    Functional Movement Screening10% Discount for Family Member

  • Open Gym

    $12/training2-hour training

    Functional Movement Screening

Stories of the Impossible

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“All the coaches at Wolfpack Fitness are so experienced and friendly. They are easy to talk to and attentive to my personal goals. They help me find the inner strength and motivation to get through each workout.”



"After trying several gyms in the area, I chose Wolfpack Fitness without hesitation! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my health, fitness, and nutrition."

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